Support Services

PFCU Direct Deposits means never having to stand in line again. Your regular checks are deposited automatically, with funds available right away!

  • You may have all or a portion of your paycheck or other qualifying checks directly deposited into your PFCU checking or savings account.
  • You can even set up automatic payments to your PFCU loans or automatic transfers to your other PFCU savings accounts.

To establish Direct Deposit through your employer, please contact the Payroll or Human Resources department. For government issued checks, such as Social Security, visit the payer's website.

Parsons Federal Credit Union's ABA/Routing Number is 322284698.

Wire Transfers

PFCU is pleased to offer both Domestic and International Wire Transfer services to help you get money where you need it to go.

The following fees are in effect for Outgoing Wire Transfers:

  • $15.00 fee for each outgoing domestic transfer
  • $35.00 fee for each outgoing international transfer

Outgoing International Wire Transfer requests must be received no later than 12:30pm PST on a business day that we are open. Requests received after 12:30pm PST or on a day we are not open will be executed the next Business Day.

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer requests must be received no later than 2:30pm PST on a business day that we are open. Requests received after 2:30pm PST or on a day we are not open will be executed the next Business Day.

To initiate an Outgoing Wire Transfer, please download the appropriate form here . You are required to submit a signed disclosure, instruction form and current copy of your government issued photo ID

Incoming Domestic and International Wire Transfers received before 3:00pm PDT will be credited to your account the same day. Incoming Domestic and International Wire Transfers received after 3:00pm PDT or on a day we are not open will be credited to your account on the next business day that we are open. PFCU does not charge a fee for incoming Wire Transfers.

***For Incoming Domestic and International Wire Transfers, PFCUs ABA/Routing Number is 322284698. Please use our ABA/Routing Number along with your Member/Account name and number to ensure your incoming Wire Transfer is promptly credited to your account.

Money Order & Travelers Checks

Money Orders
As a convenience to our members, PFCU offers Money Orders for a nominal fee of $1.00 each. The maximum dollar amount of any one Money Order is $1,000.

Travelers Checks
We also proudly offer American Express Travelers Checks--the most well- known and trusted of all travelers checks. Standard Travelers Checks are available in most U.S. dollar denominations and may be ordered as “Individual” or` "Checks for Two" — ideal when the two of you are traveling together, allowing either named party to sign.

Foreign Currency Traveler’s Checks are also available at your PFCU Branch, although these require advance notice. Please call at least 7 business days in advance so that we can have the appropriate checks ready for pick-up.

Gift Checks
American Express Gift Checks in denominations of $25, $50 and $100 can be purchased at both of our branches for a low $2.50 per-check fee.

American Express Gift Cards!
The perfect gift, every time! The American Express Gift Card can be used wherever American Express is accepted. You decide how much to give and the card does the rest: cards are available in various denominations for a nominal $3.95 each.

To purchase, please call or visit your PFCU Branch today! 

Foreign Currency Exchange

We’re excited to offer our members the most convenient, safe and secure method of purchasing foreign currency for 100+ countries and American Express Travelers Checks in 17 countries! Forget the exorbitant fees found in airports, hotels and currency exchange outlets throughout the world – get just what you need delivered right to your home or office with eZforex!

Here's What You Get:

  • Unsure how much foreign currency you'll need? With Currency Price Protection, you can purchase up to $2,500 USD of most foreign currencies and return any amount at the same exchange rate as originally purchased! (A small fee may apply.)
  • Avoid waiting in long lines to exchange your currency after a long overseas flight.
  • Avoid the Foreign Currency Conversion Fees charged by most credit card companies and banks.
  • Not ready to buy immediately? Use E-Mail Reminder! Simply complete the online form and you will be sent an email reminder 30 days before your departure.
  • Next day delivery is available for most foreign currency orders placed before Noon Monday through Thursday.

Please contact eZforex at 1-877-EZFOREX (393-6739) for more information on delivery times. Place your order online with payment by online check or PFCU Visa. Shipping and handling fees apply. Orders are delivered by UPS.

Order Checks

Reorder personal checks and accessories online.

Visit to:

  • See the full catalog
  • Track order and shipment
  • Select CheckProtect for secure and trackable delivery

OR call toll-free 1.877.585.8777 for expert support, quality service and guaranteed satisfaction.  All from Harland Clarke

New Website

February 16, 2016 is when we will unveil the new website! It features streamlined Online Banking login, online loan applications, and more.