President’s Message

A Message from Ray Crouse, President and CEO of Parsons FCU


It takes a team. We have all heard that throughout our lives, but how much do we put into that statement? Coming into a new situation is always filled with excitement, anxiety, and a concern on how you integrate into the team. I have been extremely pleased with the team that is here to help move Parsons FCU forward. All of our staff has contributed to numerous ideas on how to improve the products and services that we provide to you. Our management team has embraced the need to move forward in a new direction. We are embracing a member-centric focus, and we want to offer the best possible products and services to you.

Teamwork also extends to our board of directors. Your board and related committee members volunteer countless hours to ensure that we are operating in a safe, sound manner and are serving you to the best of our abilities. As we work on developing a strategic plan for the future, their volunteer hours have greatly increased. The enthusiasm they are showing to grow the credit union and make the necessary enhancements indicates they have a strong desire to help their fellow members and make us more attractive for those not currently using us. Their support is definitely making our transition plans more complete.

Over the last few months, we have also reached out to our field offices, as well as Corporate, to see what we can do better. We have visited Rancho Cucamonga; Charlotte; Houston; Washington, D.C; and Centreville. We have had wonderful feedback from members and non-members at these locations. Numerous items have been added to our plans as a result of these conversations, which brings me to your role. As a member, you are an owner of Parsons FCU. Unlike any other financial institution, that makes you a true part of the team. We are open to all input from you on how to improve. We are designing Parsons FCU for the next 40 years, and we appreciate your input. Over the course of the next 60 days, you will be seeing a survey to help us gather your input. However, please feel free to contact us directly with any suggestions you may have. Your team is here to make sure you navigate your financial path with ease and success.

We look forward to teaming up with you.


Ray Crouse