CU Succeed

CU Succeed” or 'Claim your Youth' is a very cool, (or whatever the current word is for something amazing) teen financial network to direct your favorite teen to for all sorts of information to help them get started in the financial world. They can learn how to create a budget, establish credit and manage it wisely, buy their first car, and even find their first job OR maybe create one! Articles are written by teens and for teens and your teen will be encouraged to participate and that helps them “buy in’ to the concept of sound financial practices that can last a lifetime.

You know that PFCU is a great credit union/financial institution and your young person or persons can start their financial lives in our safe hands. We will treat them with TLC, we promise!

New Website

February 16, 2016 is when we will unveil the new website! It features streamlined Online Banking login, online loan applications, and more.