Who Can Join?

OK, if you’ve clicked your way here, most likely you’re part of the Parsons/Worley family. So, why not get even more familiar — and enjoy all the awesome advantages — by becoming a member of Parsons Federal Credit Union! PFCU welcomes:

  • Employees of the Parsons Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiaries
  • Employees of Perot Systems at Parsons locations
  • Employees of WorleyParsons USA
  • Retirees, pensioners or annuitants from the above employers
  • Immediate family or household members of PFCU members, including :
    • Parent, sibling, spouses, children, grandchildren & grandparents
    • Stepparents, stepchildren, step siblings & adopted children
    • Individuals living in the same residence, maintaining a single economic unit
    • Any person who is a permanent member of the household and participates in its maintenance, or who lives in the household & can demonstrate a degree of permanency
    • Domestic partners
    • And once the primary member's immediate family joins, then their immediate family is also eligible — pretty cool, right?

Note: Parsons Federal Credit Union is not chartered to serve foreign nationals residing outside the United States.

Funds Availability Policy

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Electronic Services Disclosure

Privacy Policy

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Enjoy all the benefits of your Parsons Federal Credit Union Visa Credit and Debit Card using Apple Pay on iPhone 6.  It's the easy, secure, and private way to pay with a simple touch!

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