At PFCU, we care about our members. You'll get the personal and professional attention you deserve and won't get lost in the crowd, like you might at the "big banks". Here are just a few of the letters we receive regularly from happy members!

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Dear Ms. Cowell,

 "As I loyal PFCU member since 2002, I take for granted the great professionalism and efficiency with which your staff handles my finances.  Every now and then though, I encounter a situation that deserves special mention.

 A few weeks ago, I deposited two insurance checks at NASA FCU in Maryland using the CU kiosks there.  At first NASA credited my account, but then changed its mind and kicked the credits back as though the checks were bad.  Why they did this, who knows?  They were from Amica insurance company for legitimate reasons, but whatever …

 I was afraid that almost $4000 would get caught up in a bureaucratic nether world between two Credit Unions and I would be waiting forever for my money.  That’s when Linda stepped in and took personal care of my situation.  Within five business days, the funds were safe in my account, and I was relieve that my worry was without cause.

 Please know that with members on your staff like Linda G., PFCU will continue to thrive and we members will continue to praise it."


 Rob Joseph



“Parsons Federal Credit Union is a great place for great banking!

                                                                                                                    Lorrie Alexander  4/15


"I would like to say it has been a pleasure working with you (Kathie), Michelle and Linda. It has been a long time since I have come across a group of individuals who are extremely efficient, accurate, courteous and professional. My husband also made the same comments to me after he stopped by the PFCU office in Pasadena to drop off my membership fee.

You and the PFCU staff are to be commended for demonstrating the highest level of professionalism.

Thank you!”

“ I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent work in resolving my VISA claim against Avis, and securing the credit to my account. As you know, I had also contacted Avis’s Madrid and U.S. offices, but had not gotten much action on my own. One again, I greatly appreciate your efforts”
- PMA, Virginia

“I want to begin by saying how pleased I am with PFCU. My husband, Tim, and I have been members ever since we were in Saudi Arabia in the late 90s. Tim and I have always had wonderful service from your employees anytime we had an issue, problem, or just wanted information. Any concerns have been resolved with calm reassurance….it is an easy decision for Tim and I to continue banking on the west coast when it would be more logical to have a local bank”
- SF, Kentucky

“Thank you, once again you have assisted me without any hesitation or delay.  You have always been very helpful any time that I have requested or inquired about anything. I have been in customer service business all my life and I want you to know that your service is very much appreciated.”
- JLG, Calif.

“Recently I obtained a used car loan from PFCU and R. She was extremely helpful and informative.  She communicated well and always replied to my emails in an expeditious manner. Just wanted to pass on a good news story for you and your department”
- JP, NY

“Thank you for your prompt service! I had a choice to use B Credit union here as I have savings and mortgage there, but I don’t believe that their service is nearly as good as Parsons FCU.”
- AG, CO

“Thank you so much for all of your help – as always you guys are my ace in the hole- without you being there it would have cost me another $1000. It is the personal touch you in particular provide that sets PFCU apart”
- DF, TX

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